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Gary Bovair Mortgage Planner

Gary Bovair Mortgage Planner

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Barrie & Surrounding Area

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Gary joined the team in 2016 and has been a great fit for the culture since. He is passionate about positively affecting the lives of other people by assisting them pursue their dreams of purchasing a home, or increasing their cash flow through debt re-structuring, whatever the circumstance Gary is always ready to help.
With over 30 years’ experience in the lending field ranging from various Banks to mortgage brokering, he has also had extensive experience as a Business Development Manager at various institutions over the years. His favorite part of being a Mortgage Planner is creating solutions for people and he gets to be an important part of the biggest financial decision people usually make.
Quite simply, Gary does what he does for the love of working with various people’s needs…”they come to us for a reason and it gives me the greatest feeling to know we made a small difference in helping them achieve their goals.” Outside of work, Gary is active with many things, but especially playing hockey in his Men’s League every week, and of course; we can’t forget the grandchildren- his pride and joy!

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