If I Co-Sign A Mortgage, How Will This Impact Me?

If I Co-Sign A Mortgage, How Will This Impact Me?

In today’s day and age, more and more borrowers are struggling to qualify for a mortgage.

When you look at house prices in your area and factor in a combination of stricter guidelines, new stress test rules, bruised credit, self-employed, etc., it can be challenging to say the least.

When this happens, sometimes the quickest and easiest option is to have someone co-sign. If the co-signer has good credit and income, they can help secure a mortgage.

But how does this impact the person co-signing?

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Mortgage Insights – Pre-Covid versus Today

Mortgage Insights: Pre-Covid versus Today

Covid is covid, and who knows when we will be back to normal (whatever that new normal will look like) when it comes to the real estate market and mortgage industry,

Covid has changed many things and it’s yet to be seen what post-Covid days will look like. We thought you’d appreciate our perspective on the inner workings of the mortgage world.

Here is our insider view of Pre-Covid vs Today:

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Top Home Renovations That Pay Off

Top Home Renovations That Pay Off

Our Barrie mortgage broker team often gets asked about home renovations and whether they are worth it. Unfortunately, not all renovations are a wise investment, and it can be a bit disappointing to do a revamp of your home just to discover that it didn’t do much for the home’s market value. So, before you start making those major changes, let’s look at the home renovations that actually can make a difference.  

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